The Company "Russian Bear Choppers" was established by a group of associates in 2012 in the city of Sochi.
      Our passion - Motorcycles in the style of Choppers, Bobbers, Custom and Cruisers.
    Our activities - everything connected with these beautiful creations of engineering!
         Russian Bear Choppers is the first and the only official dealer in Russia of the American company Big Bear Choppers up to this day.
    There are also ongoing discussions with well-known manufacturers of Machinery and accessories.
      It so happened that in the warmest part of our country, in a city where a motorcycle season lasts all year round.
      The mototbike industry here is in a sorry state. We have the modest possibilites to change this situation.

          Our Projects:

          Studio <<Custome Style>>

         This is the place where we can help you and your bike find the uniqure shape and make the ride as enjoyable, comfortable and safe!
         Clothes,shoes,helmets,gloves,trunks, spare parts and accessories.
      There will always be bikes in stock as well as ordering a bike from Big Bear Choppers as well as other manufacturers.

         Service Center

         Everything from oil changes up to building an exclusive Custom bike

         Biker Village

      Relax on the bank of a mountain stream. Fenced, protected area, a picturesque place, good company and cold beer!

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